Do you like Pina Coladas? Long Walks in the Rain? Dancing After Midnight?

March 29, 2006 by

If so, then you might be my dear, darling Secret Pal, Susan. Yes, you Susan, who loves dark chocolate, animals, kids and likes to call herself “The World’s Worst Knitter”, which is a complete load of Hooey! It has been SO much fun to spoil you for the past few months and this is friendship is a joy. I have been holding back a bit on the blog because I haven’t wanted you to find out who I am or identify my particular writing style. Susan, you rock and I have loved every minute of our new friendship!

And a BIG Thanks you to Tammy, my SP7 hostess with the mostess! She sent me a lovely package with Socks That Rock, in Falcon’s Eye. And some Knit Picks Color Your Own for socks! There was Kool Aid and a fabulous Beanie Baby Lamb, notecards, soap and just general fibery love and goodness. Thank you Tammy, it has been a joy to become your friend. I will post a picture tomorrow as the small hollering boys are really acting up.

Craig and I took a mini-vacation Sunday to Tuesday. What a blast, we got to be tourists in our own town. Have you ever done that? Check into a local hotel (no not the places that rent by the hour, get your mind out of the gutter!), and see the sights in your own town? We moved here almost two years ago from Seattle and have never really spent any time in our Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C. Actually, D.C. is about 14 miles from our house but plenty of people who live here (Great Falls, VA) consider D.C. town and commute there everyday. So off we went to the Willard Hotel, which is awesome and about a block and a half to the White House. The Willard has more history than you can possibly shake a stick at. Everybody from Charles Dickens to Mark Twain to just about any other famous figure you can imagine, read here for more. They even had secret meetings to try and stop the Civil War there. Fascinating and a great way to learn more about the history of our nation on a personal level.

There was so much beauty to see, there was pattern and texture everywhere. When we walked into the lobby all I could say was”Honey! Look at the floors!” Beautiful mosaic everywhere.

The view from our room was incredible!

The Washington Monument is so startling and enormous. It may sound trite but seeing it in person is awe inspiring. They actually stopped construction of it for 25 years during the Civil War and when they resumed they used rock from the same vein that was used early, but as 25 years had passed it was a different color, you can see the line pretty clearly in this picture:

The World War Two Memorial is the newest memorial on the National Mall and it is beautiful. Here is the field of stars:

Could that be more lovely and moving? This is the middle section of the railing around the WWII Memorial. Look at this amazing bronze work commerating the naval aspect of the war:

Whew! More pictures tomorrow because we have late breaking news! Steve, our friendly UPS guy just left and look what he brought to Casa Lookie What I Made! Woooo Hoooo!!!!

This is a beautiful book, which I eagerly tore through and look forward to reading much more slowly and savoring every bit this evening. Off to chase boys (but not like high school).

3 Responses to Do you like Pina Coladas? Long Walks in the Rain? Dancing After Midnight?

  1. kt

    Hey! I was in your neck o’the woods last summer! The woman-friend I’ve had longest in my life lives in Annandale. I LOVE how green it is! And deer poop! Right in the back yard! And fireflies! *sigh*

  2. Emily

    Ok, there are eleven million things I want to say about your post. But I will go with the one that will interest other people: I love Mason-Dixon Knitting! Mine came today and I want to make everything in it!

  3. Charlene Sax

    Loved your commentary – it is a really good history lesson and we are glad you had such a grand time!!! xoxox