What is the flap, you heel?

March 21, 2006 by

I knew it was coming, the tag team. Two weeks ago Duncan was so sick and I knew there would be a brief interlude and then whammie! Angus is down for the count. The hubbalicious too. So, two sick guys, the littlest one at school and me doing the step and fetch. Reminds me of a sign I have in my kitchen:

After picking up Duncan from school, we were supposed to go grocery shopping. Well the good grocery store happens (cough) to be just near one of the yarn shops. So I asked Duncan if he wanted to go to run some errands with me and we agreed that we would go to the yarn shop and to the grocery store. You have no idea how cute it is to see an almost 3 year old little boy so excited about yarn. He named all the people he knew who needed yarn, including himself. He said as a statement, not a question: “You need more yarn Mom-mom!” He has proceeded to tell every person he has seen over the next twenty four hours “My Mom-mom is going to knit me socks. Green socks.” All this in his little almost three year old voice with the lisp. Makes my heart flutter.

So this was not to be a major outing to shop for yarn. Really I just wanted to check their stock on sock yarn. It is pretty hit and miss, I can’t tell if the owner/buyer has iffy taste in sock colorways or she just gets what she is sent. Duncan was told in very specific terms that he was to look with his eyes and not his hands. I sat him down in front of the sock yarn and told him not to move. He just sat there so sweetly and desperately wanted to hold some yarn. I let him hold it, I knew I was going to buy it anyway, so it was my loss, not the shop owners, if he wrecked it. For the record: I do not make a habit of bringing my children into a yarn shop. In my over five years of being a mom, this is the second time one of my children has been in a yarn store. And further for the record, the owner of the store was very gracious, showed Dunc behind the counter and talked to him while I shopped- without my asking. Yes, she enjoyed it as did he, and it was a great business move. She even invited him back. We bought some beautiful different sock yarns, which I’ll show you in a minute. Here is the startling realization I have come to: I have yet to turn my first heel of my first sock and I have a nice little sock stash starting. Now, it is not like Tammy or Emily (she is having a contest, go enter!) but it is a sweet and surely mighty little sock stash with some big aspirations.

Before I lay the sock stash on you, here is my very first ever heel flap (and attached sock leg)

This is the mystery yarn from my very sweet SP, you can see the skein in Saturday’s post. My SP also sent Socks Soar on 2 Circulars, and from it I am making the Simple Sock, in the woman’s size. Cat Bordhi recommends using circulars that are 24 inches, and boy is she right. I decided to get this cast on and found some 16 inches circs and it was a nightmare. I dug further in the stash and found some 40 inchers, too long but serviceable. They are working out wonderfully. They are both 3mm but one is labeled size 3 (Inox) and one is labeled size 2 (Addi). The join on the Inox is surely not as nice as the join on the Addis. The benefit of using 2 different brand but same size needles is that the cables are different colors. Very helpful as a new 2 circ sock knitter.
Okay, some of this you have seen before, the Koigu and the one ball of green Fortissima Socka but here is most but not all of the sock stash:

And last but not least, this was waiting when Dunc and I got home from the yarn store- never did make it to the grocery store…


This Sticker is so going to be seen in the pre-school parking lot.

2 Responses to What is the flap, you heel?

  1. kt

    Hooray! You’re joining the mad foray into SockLand!
    I’ve been poking along on mine and Seth said, dryly, “I thought those were supposed to be a quick thing to knit?” After I jabbed him with the closest 2.5 bamboo double-point, I reminded him that I’d done two hats and a hummingbird (see blog) recently. He apologized.
    I’m coming up to my first heel, too, and the nail-biting is starting…..

  2. Emily

    Look at you with a stash before your first heel is turned! I am filled with a warm glow…which is tinged with just a hint of envy at the sight of the Rockin’ Sock Club package. O, the Jealousy! Your socks on two circs look Fantastic – don’t you love the method?