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March 18, 2006 by

I maybe the last person on the planet to knit this but it is a Clapotis. For some reason I had to start this about eight times. My markers kept getting in the wrong place or the boys kept interrupting. It made me even more determined, I tell you. Paper, pencil and stitch markers can really be a girl’s best friend. This yarn is a wool/alpaca mix from Three Waters Farm purchased at MSW last year. My oh my, this color is devine. How I wish I could show it to you in person. The name is “Melon” and it truly is luminous and it seems liquidy somehow. The yellow orange has wee bits of pink and it is truly beautiful.

If you enlarge the above picture, you can see the bits of pink. Funny, when I look at it my brain says yellow but my sense says pink. I love a good color conundrum.

And now drumroll please!

Thank you Secret Pal for my fantastic package! Here we have one 100g ball of Regia in a great denim and white color way, which will make beautiful socks for the boys. Also 100g of some great, vibrant variegated sock yarn. There was no label, did you dye it yourself SP? It looks delicious. And Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi. A knitting book I don’t own, Yippee! And last but not least a book to read to my boys. The Old Man of Lochnagar written by Prince Charles. It looks so very charming, it will be a perfect read for our Sunday morning.

This package certainly does inspire me to knit socks. I can’t wait. Thank you SP for taking the time to figure out what I would really like, you were right!

4 Responses to Actual Knittng Content

  1. Tammy

    You’re not the last person to knit the Clapotis, I am, still not on the needles and may not every be with all the socks I have to make.
    Gorgeous color you chose, can’t wait to see the end results.

  2. kt

    Yep, you’re not the last. I have yet to succumb to the Clap….but I’ll admit to some progress on my first socks…
    Fill us in on how you like the book–I bet it’s a good ‘un! Looks like you got a winner of a Secret Pal!

  3. Emily

    What a faboo secret pal! The sock book is a great one – I love her method! I leave all the heel stitches on one needle, though, instead of splitting them down the middle. There’s no chance of a “ladder” down the certer of the foot that way. If that made no sense to you, it will when you get started!
    The pink/purple/blue yarn is really pretty!

  4. Jan

    Sorry, you won’t be the last on that bandwagon!! I plan to make one, but not till next winter. Have you seen one finished? They are a perfect size and the drape is wonderful if you use what’s suggested.