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February 24, 2006 by

The very gracious and talented Emily tagged me for the house door meme. Thanks Emily! It was my very first time being tagged. House doors are a funny thing. We have a front door and nobody ever uses it really. Except Earl when he goes out in the morning. If you click the picture to enlarge it, you can actually see sweet Earl better. Photographing that dog is like photographing a pool of black ink.

If somebody uses the front door, you know that they do not know us all that well. We are not a formal people. The only use the door bell gets is Angus ringing it maniacally to drive his poor dear mother even further around the bend. Here is the view out the front door.

We love our bluebird house. We had 2 batches of baby bluebirds last year. Sorry about the picture of the pipe- this is more the side yard than the front yard. Here is a picture of the front door. Those steps need to be washed!

Soon the door will be stained black to match the fence. It drives me crazy that it doesn’t match. So, the door from the kitchen to the garage functions as our main door out of the house. Boring picture here:

When friends or family come to visit they know to come around back to the kitchen door. That poor door is practically falling off its hinges, it gets slammed by small hollering boys so often. Here is the view of the door from the kitchen table:

Hhhhmmm, whom to tag? I tag Laura (she is so multitalented) and I am also tagging kt. Yes, folks live in fear, there is more than one KT who knits. Go say hi and tell her to post more, she is a great writer! Tell her I sent ya!

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  1. Emily

    Your house is beautiful! Which does not surprise me a bit! Is it older? Earl makes for great contrast with the brick work (which is amazing).PS Angus is so sweet to tend to his mother’s sanity that way. All children should be so thoughtful.