Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2006 by

Wheesh! What a weekend. We got over a foot of snow here! Crazy, crazy, crazy! I got absolutely NO knitting done over the weekend. None yesterday, either. It was a snowday and that required me to be outside with the boys. There is so much snow here that almost 3 year old Duncan cannot walk in it. So he flops down onto the snow and then asks me to pick him up. Continuously. Flop, ask, flop, ask, flop, ask, flop, ask. Mom runs shrieking as it is just too Groundhog Day for me. What is that old joke…man it is tickling my brain…Something about it not being Groundhog day but it being Ground Hog Day. Like sausage. Man I remember it being funny I just can’t remember where it came from. Ah the fading brain. We took a bunch of picture pre-dawn Sunday morning. Above is one of my favorites. It was taken by the Hubbalicious. It was adorable, he was out there in a coat, his shorts and snow boots wielding a tripod. I would love to show you but if I did, all I would get is this face…

That would be the serious and grumpy face.
Today being Valentines, you can imagine the candy is through the roof here. I still am doling out Christmas candy for crying out loud. Children in Angus’ class we giving out goody bags of candy like it was their birthdays. Thank goodness we have a sitter coming tonight and she can deal with the sugar crash. So Duncan got a box of candy hearts from one of his teachers….this box in fact…
You may enlarge the picture (just click) to read it, but one of the hearts says “Fax Me”! Fax me? Holy cow? Fax me? For Valentines? For a not even three year old? Fax me? The most ridiculous thing you could ever put on a valentine heart. Ever.
While no knitting happened this weekend I did get a new book today. Delivered to my door by Steve, our friendly UPS guy. Yes, I know his name. We see him a lot over at Casa LWIM, what’s it to ya?

Inspired cable Knits by Fiona Ellis ISBN #1-4000-8271-4 It arrived the day it was “released” on Amazon. That is fantastically cool. This book is really very beautiful. In the big rush of knitting book that have come out recently there are very few that I really love. This is one. The sweaters are timeless. There are only 2 or 3 not to my liking. Not that they are ugly, just not my style. Sleeveless tanks, um, no. I am thrilled with this book, there is so much here to work with. Fiona Ellis has worked hard and it shows in these patterns.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. KT

    I LOVE the “serious and grumpy face” on the hubby! I think mayhap yours and mine were separated at birth…Yes, you may assure him that there are TWO of us out here in the wild world, KTs/kts of knitting and mommying and blogging and such. Watch out world.Happy Valentine’s Day radius to you and the SGF man and the two small hollering/flopping/asking/candy-heart-ingesting(but hopefully NOT faxing) boys!