Love me, love my ironing board

February 7, 2006 by

Okay, fellow bloglanders, you are the few, the select , the proud, and the truly appreciative. Only you are obsessed enough to savor the absolute geekiness of this. I have created what may be the ultimate ironing board. Do you find regular, store bought ironing boards lacking? Do they not satisfy you in a way that you want to be satisfied? Do you find them too small? Awkward? Too cumbersome? Not cumbersome enough? Geographically undesirable? How do you really feel about the ironing board in your life? You can tell me, it is okay- really. I am a vault and can keep you ironing board woes to myself. Confession is good for the soul.

May I introduce you to my new, yet un-named ironing board…

I think it is a he but I am not yet certain. He acts like a Murphy bed. He stores up like you see above, and he is flexible, really, an easy going kind of guy. Here he is reclining comfortably…

He is feeling a wee bit naked- his legs need upholstering. Here is a view of his top. This is the same fabric I will be using for the curtains. Why shouldn’t everybodies ironing board match the curtains. I tell ya, it should be mandatory!

Here is my favorite part of the pattern repeat…

And my favorite touch on the overall design are the copper canvas tacks that I used to fasten the layers to the table. I have stretched MANY a canvas and much prefer the copper tacks to staples. Plus the colors look so beautiful against the copper. And I got to use my rubber mallet, which is always fun.

I intend to use him for ironing, pressing, blocking and general appreciation. He was VERY simple to make. One sheet batting, one sheet ironing board fabric (the silver kind), the top fabric and a kajillion copper tacks. Oh and he measures a whopping 32″ x 54″. It is amazing what can make a girl swoon, isn’t it.

4 Responses to Love me, love my ironing board

  1. Emily

    My dear, THAT is genius. He needs a strapping young man sort of name. Hetty just lives standing up in my crafty room/office. Sometimes I feel bad about that, but the closet is full of artsy crafty stuff!

  2. KT

    I am duly impressed.The leggy shot makes me think of “Pi”, so that’s my vote for a short and sweet moniker.The bubble-blowing imp is a charmer, and the copper tacks rule. Copper, in general, rules. Lots of it comes fom my state, which has left not a few gaping holes in the landscape, but hey, a girls’ gotta get them tacks somehow, ain’t she?My only ironing claim to fame is that my ironing hubby unwittingly purchased a Rowenta recently. Whatta man…..