In praise of Emma

January 31, 2006 by

There is a gal named Emma

She is a real gem-a

We love her to bits

She is truly a hit

And if you cross her, you are a twit!

Okay, really bad “poetry” aside, I want to thank you Emma for such a fantastic gift. It was completely unwarranted and completely appreciated. Here we have a bag of Minstrels, (“milk chocolate captured in crispy shells”) which the hubbalicious & I loved, and ten, yes 10, balls of Rowan 4ply cotton, and a card which reads: “I want less email and more he-male”. This card had us in hysterics. Thank you.

Emma also mentioned that I should/might make Martha from Rowan 37 with this beautiful red cotton yarn she sent. I love the pattern suggestion and the yarn is, of course perfect for it. It gives me pause to make a pattern called Martha out of a color called “Vamp”. My hubbalicious thought my concerns were absurd. I suspect a quasi-perverse fantasy at work here. A Marion the libraian lets her hair down kind of thing. He did also say that he thought Martha would look great on me and that Emma was completely correct.

Thank you Emma for such a kind, thoughtful and, um…husband pleasing gift.

You are so wonderful.

Thank you.

One Response to In praise of Emma

  1. Emma

    My pleasure.Stop it,you’re making me blush !I’m glad you like it. I thought the red was very ‘you’. i’m not that wonderful ! Better looking sexy on you than sitting in my stash forever. ;-]