Scatter Brained

January 30, 2006 by

Whew! What a week. Times absolutely flew by last week. Many things were accomplished. I have been trying to get to post every day and failing beautifully. Right, we made some people a few years ago and they require attention and care. Lots. As it should be. I often forget to factor into the equation of my productivity, the small hollering boys. Sometimes I wonder why I do not get more done in my day to day life. Then I remember, children!

So I am going to try to hit all the high points of a very busy week. Bullet points seem to be needed, so here we go:

  • Started using a new blogging tool, Anconia Rocket Post and I love it. I love being able to easily upload boatloads of photos. Upload Boatload. Say that ten times fast! I am still learning what it can do. Love love love it!
  • Many, many repairs have been made to the house and yard. Things that have been on the list for a year. We love our friend Bill. He can fix anything and believe me this past week he has.
  • There is a complete redesign of the sewing/creating/hide from the small hollering boys room. There will be the reveal when it is all complete. To say I am excited is the understatement of the century. A space of my own, where I can have breakables and nice books and sparkly things and not worry that these objects not be mamed? Oh dear god, pass the smelling salts. Here is a before shot
  • Hubbalicious threw his back out Friday morning and has been in bed ever since. Poor guy.
  • Duncan woke up limping Sunday morning. Then, he slammed his finger in the door so hard it instatly turned purple.
  • Oh yes, I went to the yarn shop to pick up some new needles. Shh! No really, that is why I went. Stop that, I did so! Then some sock goodness just had to come home with me. Look! And look how big Frog is at 6 months!
  • Went out to dinner Saturday night and it was lovely. I love good sushi. Went to Paulie Morimoto. (Sorry, no link)
  • Bought some fabric to make new curtains, very very lovely. You will see it when I do the reveal on the sewing/creating/hide from the small hollering boys room.
  • Here is what has me so scattered brained. I pulled into the driveway to see a Police Car. Bad. Panic. Park and RUN REALLY FAST. MY BABIES ARE HURT. MY HUSBAND IS INJURED. RUN RUNRUNRUNRURNRUN RUN. WHERE IS MY FAMILY?????????????????????????????????? THE KIDS WERE PLAYING OUTSIDE WHEN I LEFT, WHERE ARE THEY???? The husband with the thrown out back, the 2 boys, the baby sitter(who was outside with the kids whilst I was out & the hubbalicious was nursing his back), and a Policeman were in my kitchen. Apparently one of our “neighbors” was concerned that my children were too cold. It was a nice day and they are little boys. You can figure out what they were or were not wearing. They are fine and thought it was great to have a policeman here. He was very kind and professional to us all. He thought it was a ridiculous call for someone to make, but you have to respond, especially if there is a child involved. Did I mention that our yard is fully fenced and gated and that this particular babysitter is never more than 3 feet from them. So all is well, but we are a bit worse for wear. Luckily, we do not know, nor do we want to know who made the call.

And to end on a really happy note, pictures of the boys after having eaten Cheetos


5 Responses to Scatter Brained

  1. jennifer

    oh my gosh – how unsettling! thank goodness everyone is ok, and the only problem is the nosy neighbor, i mean, really… too cold? love the cheetos pics and am excited for your new studio!

  2. Emily

    You’ve had a rough week! Frog is going to be enormous and looks lovely as a socky backdrop. DId you mention to the nice officer that you are a Knitter? Your children could NEVER be too cold.

  3. KT

    The cheetos shots are delish. Are you adding a defibrillator to the studio? That way, when you have these heart-stopping events, you wil be well and truly prepared. Boo Hiss to nosy neighbors.Yay for nice Mr. Policeman.Hope your next couple o days are better and that the Hubby’s back is soon mended. (I have a bad-back hubb, as well. Just another KT thing, I guess!)

  4. Laura

    Hope your DH feels better soon – that’s just rotten.Hope the nosy neighbor can learn to mind their own business – that’s just rotten!Hope your room is finished soon and you can start enjoying it – that will be wonderful!Have a great week. :)

  5. Charlene

    What a story! I loved reading it again! A happy ending and all is well. Never know what to expect these days!! Just look at those faces!! Lots of love. Mom