Sharp Turns Ahead

January 24, 2006 by

Auntie Alice’s first sleeve is almost done. I am about to start the ribbing. The sleeve measurement is 25.5″ from shoulder seam to end of arm which seems very long to me. To counteract this, I am going to follow Ann Budd’s directions with the amendment of making the ribbing an extra 2 or 3 inches longer. This way Auntie Alice can fold up the cuff or unfurl it at her will.

This change in decreases looks very severe to me, especially from this angle. And from the proper view, with the mitred decreases under the arm, it looks perfect. The instructions are, as I have said, are from the bottom up and knit flat and then seamed. I am going from the top down and in the round. So I cast on 130 stitches, then every fourth row SSK, Knit 1, K2 TOG- 26 times. Then every 2 rows do the same thing 11 times. It is by going from every four rows to every two rows that gives it that sharp turn. It makes me a bit queasy to look at, almost as if somebody’s limb was in a position it shouldn’t be. I will get a modeled shot for you, so you can see that it looks great. I am also thinking that I will wash this baby before I seam it and then put in under the sewing machine. Cotton loves to grow, so the more stable I can make the seams, the better.

I just got an invitation to Auntie Alice’s 85th Birthday Party. I am not sure if I will attend as I would have to haul two small hollering boys 3000 miles; however, I know a certain garment that will make the party girl shine. This is even more motivating than the Olympic Opening Ceremonies deadline, and well of course her birthday is after the Opening Ceremonies. Cough.

And in other news, there is a certain almost three year old who is 6 days into potty training, the last 2 days without any accidents at all. He is really doing beautifully. Except he may have been bumped sown a few steps by his big brother and he may have hit his head on a concrete planter. He is fine and was only in tears for about a minute (which for him, is an eternity). Here is the result:

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  1. Emma

    Aunt Alice will look fantastic.Poor little head. Brothers can be hazardous ! That picture makes me want to kiss it better.xxxp.s. A package is on the way. ;-]