Ordering from the menu

January 23, 2006 by

Sometimes I forget that I am hungry. Or rather, I ignore the signs and then end up ravenous and nothing is the thing I want to eat. Those who are close to me have witnessed this phenomenon a lot and know to just give me something to eat, STAT! The worst is when I am really hungry and in a restaurant. The menu completely baffles me and nothing appeals. I read it and re-read it all the while I am getting hungrier and hungrier. Finally, I just pick something, anything, so I don’t eat my own arm. I know this happens and I know what the right thing to do is. Put the menu down, sit quietly and think about what I want to eat. Then I order that or the closest thing to it on the menu. Presto. Simple. Done. Arm in one piece and loved ones safe from the beast.

This is a lot like picking a new knitting project for me. I begin itching to knit. Excited about the wool, the color, the act of making something beautiful. I begin to pour over my knitting books and magazines, searching. The itch grows and grows. Well, I like that one but intarsia doesn’t appeal right now. Oooh, look at all those cables, how pretty. Yes, but look at all those cables. Aha! Fair Isle! That is it! What, am I crazy? I am the slowest Fair Isle knitter on the planet. The itch to begin is pretty enormous by this point as this deliberation has more than likely gone on for a few all consuming days. Because while trying to decide, that is about all I am doing. Not knitting just searching. It does get a bit fre
netic at points. Must choose! Must choose! This is a knitting desert and I need knitting sustenance now! I can’t find what I want so I just cast on for something, anything- oh, I know, I’ll just make it up as I go along, at least I am knitting. I cannot tell you what kind of garbage I end up with when I try that. So it is a doubly brutal result: garbage knitting and the itch is gigantic. Plus there is that pit in the bottom of my stomach because I know I could have avoided it all by sitting quietly and figuring out what it is I really want.

The itch is appoaching – I am not going to ignore the signs this time though. Hands off keyboard, eyes closed, deep breath. A cardigan in rowanspun dk, color: goblin, from the stash. Knit for myself.

Presto! Simple! Done!

2 Responses to Ordering from the menu

  1. KT

    That Goblin is delicious. I have similar symptoms when I am between projects. Recently went to Michael’s with a gift cert for a book I’d coveted–got there and looked at it and couldn’t even begin to fathom why I’d wanted it. Didn’t want to spend money on yarn to TRY to knit a sweater for me. Came home, very ticked off, and found Norma’s red scarf knitalong. Ditto–Poof, scarf going now, calmer me.What’s ‘yer pattern gonna be?

  2. Emily

    I love the Goblin! Have you picked a pattern? Is this your Olympic sweater? Have your boots recovered? I think that’s enouigh questions for one comment. =)