The Squish

January 17, 2006 by

Here we have about half of the first sleeve of my Auntie Alice’s sweater. The fabric is nice and has a bit of squish to it. We like the squish. We way prefer this squish to the one that visited our house on Sunday night. That squish involved Angus getting sick all over the kitchen, me and my beautiful Tony Lama boots. Man, I am his mom and I love him. But vomiting on my Tony Lama’s is just cold. (He is fine.)
The GOOD squish must be the 15% cashmere in the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. While there is a squish in the fabric, my hands are hurting from the yarn. The funny thing to me is that the hand that hurts is not the active hand, but the gripping hand- the left one. Pattern you say? Oh yes, that. I am using Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. She wrote the charts for flat knitting, which I did not want to do. I thought I would treat myself to less seaming, so I am knitting it in the round. What I should have done is knit the body, pick up the stitches and then knit the arm down. Eh, big deal-so I have to seam armhole, it is still less seaming. Usually I like to seam but my mattress stitch looks revolting in cotton.
I am knitting it from the top down and using a mitered decrease. I like the look of the mitered decrease, decorative and useful. It’s a two-fer, really. I also am enjoying the decreasing number of stitches. Getting smaller toward to wrist makes it feel as it is going faster. Being that I am making a fairly plain sweater, so I want to make the details extra special. The right buttons, lined pockets, lined button band, extra long ribbed cuffs so she can stuff her hanky in her sleeve.
With all this Olympic Knitting fever going on, I am getting pretty excited to be a joiner. Did I actually just say that? ME? What the hell is happening to me, becoming a joiner? First, I go ahead and join Secret Pal 7, then I finally made it to a new (to me) knitting group on Sunday, and now I want to join the Olympic Knitting Frenzy? Holy cow, I think that motherhood has seriously addled my brain. Me, a joiner? Yikes. I guess this SP & Olympic Knitting Frenzy are the ways I like best for me to be a joiner, I get to be a part of something and don’t have to go sit in a room full of lovely people who gossip. Me, I am not so hot with the gossip. Makes me feel uncomfortable and makes me wonder what the heck people are going to say when I am not there and I do not like that. I know that they are called Stitch N Bitch, but it still made me uncomfortable and a bit sad. I haven’t found a new group since we have moved here and this was my maiden voyage to give it a try. Funny, my family and I had lunch beforehand and I noticed I was a bit nervous. Angus asked me where I was going after lunch and I told him that I was going to go knit with some ladies and hopefully make some new friends. Further, I explained that it was a play date for Mommy and it was very important to always try to make new friends. And it is important. What I did not explain were the ups and downs and false starts. Omitted also, were the folks who you like but really just want to be acquaintances with as well as the simple fact of human nature.
Wow! That was certainly a digression.
Back to the knitting content. So, I am barreling through the Auntie Alice Sweater because my goal is to have her wearing it by the Opening Ceremonies so that I can cast on for a yet undecided project for the Olympic Knitting Frenzy. I just started the sleeve on Sunday- I wanted some easy knitting for the new group and had nothing on the needles that isn’t making me crazy. The Franken-vest has been blocked and the neckband done. And I have to re-do the neckband because it is too high and looks a bit stuffy. Right, there is also the part where Hubbalicious has to shove his noggin through it. Big brains plus a small neck hole = Ick. I will frog it and maybe do an applied I-cord. Clearly, not stress free knitting at this point. The only other item on the needles is the Billy Boy Vest from Rowan 22. Easy peasy knitting. If, and it is a mighty big if, you can find the %$^*%$&(%^( pattern book. I can find every other Rowan I have but NOT that one. I am certain I put it someplace special to find easy later. Feh. That worked really well.
With the sleeve progressing nicely, I think that I am on target to get Auntie Alice in her sweater in time.
Now where is that Rowan 22?!?!?!

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  1. C Sax

    Auntie Alice’s sweater is going to be beautiful – wait until she sees the gorgeous color! xoxox Mom