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January 10, 2006 by

Remember the recent hat mania here? I made each of my boys teacher’s and their teaching assistants hats for Christmas. Okay two were for New Year, one was for Christmas and one was for Ramadan, but I digress. Anyhow, three of these ladies loved their hats, tried them on immediately and thanked my profusely. It wasn’t the thanks I wanted, I wanted them to know that I appreciate what they do for our children and our family. I wanted to see them be excited that I thought of them and in this day and age took my time and energy and made something with my own two hands.
Remember a few sentences ago when I said four hats and three excited people. Yep, you read right. One of them unwrapped it, did not say thank you, and put it aside. Ouch. I do not care if it is the most ass-ugly piece of monkey-shit colored whatever, you look the person in the eye and say: “Thank You.” You really don’t even have to say it is nice. You could pull the old fake compliment by intonation or obfuscation: “Wow! Thank You. Now, THAT is a HAT!” You have done nothing but state the obvious and the gift giver feels great that you appreciated the gift. I didn’t even get the look in the eye. Herf.
So a couple days later, without having said anything previously about the lack of manners, etc. I asked her if the hat fit properly or could I fix it in anyway for her. Okay, I was only fishing a wee bit. Then she let me know she hadn’t tried it on yet because it hadn’t been cold enough yet. Yea, lady- it is seeming pretty frosty in here right about now. Luckily, next year we are not in her class so I do not have to give her a lump of freaking coal.

You know, I had an experience last year about this time I had a similar but different experience. Did I learn? Nope. Not at all. There was a gal I had met upon moving here and we became friends. Making new friends is hard. I am an outgoing social person and it is hard. It is like dating- you never know which one is going to be the psycho. You go out shopping, have dinner, pal around with your new friend. You decide that she is really okay and that you have things in common and could build a friendship. Once you let your guard down- whammo! I will not detail here how my new friendship did not work out. I will however tell you one of the contributing factors. I made her a scarf for her birthday out of the last of a cone (from the stash) of Chinchilla in a beautiful taupey, german silvery, and warm cocoa all mixed together color. That is it, up top!
I wrapped it beautifully, using extra yarn as ribbon. Even remembering to include a thoughtful card. Upon opening it, to her credit she did say thank you and give me a hug and a kiss. Then she let her 3 year old daughter wear it to school every day for two months. In the middle of winter. Dragging it through the snow, mud and muck. Letting her take it to bed with her.
It is my firm belief that once you give a gift it is out of your hands. All that fly and be free crap. Really I do believe that. But it still smarted.

Okay, it is an eensie weensie FO, but a FO none the less. And the 3rd FO of 2006. Yes, this is a little scarf is a gift. Meant to be worn right under the chin, tied and the ends should give her about a foot extra on each end. Perfect, as she is petite. My friend (this is proving to stand the test of time) had seen the yarn over the summer. We were on a short trip our kids and upon my buying the yarn, she flipped over the colors. So this little scarf is more about color than anything else. I hope it gives her a nice lift in February when everything else is grey.
It is Katia Ingenua & Cascade Eco + held together and no where near a full ball/skein of each. The colors were nearly identical- it was amazing. I gave her a good soak in the guestroom bathtub with some soap (okay, fine it was baby shampoo) for a couple of hours, pinned her out and added fringe.
I did get to spend a heap of time knitting today and my next FO just needs a good blocking, seaming and neck & arm bands. I am really enjoying getting all these UFO’s off the needles whether it be by finishing or ripping. Off to bathe the next item in the shoot!

3 Responses to Do right woman

  1. Jessica

    This is why I rarely knit for other people. I can’t let go. Also, whatever the gift, handmade or no, anyone should say thank you. That’s just bad manners.

  2. kt

    Sorry to hear about the Hat Snob. What a waste of plasma SHE is!The green scarf is ALIVE. It’s delightful. It would give a warm and fuzzy February lift to a wooly mammoth hauled out of a glacier tail-first.Well done you!

  3. emily

    Tacky people! You really have to wonder if they were raised by wolves. And who doesn’t like hats, for crying out loud?! Everybody likes hats. Maybe she wears a wig…Unappreciative Scarf Woman has no excuse.