Celtic Circles, A New Look.

January 6, 2006 by

Thank you to everyone who commented on the Celtic Circles dilemma.
I had thought that I would fashion it into a vest and gift it to a friend. I had planned on gifting to a particular friend who is a neighbor also and we see each other quite frequently. When I thought of seeing her in the Celtic Circles Vest, I realized that everytime I saw her in it, I would be reminded of what I did not finish. Then I would begin to resent her and then stop visiting, stop having our children play together and our husbands’ cribbage games would cease. Our friendship would deteriorate and then every time she drove by the house, I would have to say a curse and spit on the ground.
Then a large dark rain cloud would form on our block, we live only a couple of doors away from each other, and we would be in a constant downpour. We would be so waterlogged and cold that we would become ill and of course, eventually perish.
So, to prevent this horrible loss, I did the most practical thing I could. I frogged it. Really and truly, down to the last stitch. It began easily enough and I managed to get some very decent re-usable yarn out of it. Then the red yarn began to mate, yes mate with the other yarns. It became impossible to disentangle the three yarns. In truth, I could have made a pot of tea, sat in a comfy chair and undone the yards and yards of yarn. Could have and chose not to.
Then I started hearing voices. I heard Margene say: “It is the process”. I heard Jane say: “This sweater’s time is past.” I heard my Mom say: “Oh, no all that hard work, gone!” I heard the multiple people in the past 13 years of the sweater’s life say: “You have come too far to frog it. You HAVE to finish it”. Then I thought of all the places that sweater had lived, crises it saw and what an huge albatross it had become.
That is when the ripping began in earnest. And it felt really, really good. It amuses me to no end that I was not capable of just chucking it in the trash, but I was completely able to rip the ever-loving snot out of it.
I do not really have any ideas as to what I might make with all the yarn. I did find a recipe for making felt pin cushions that involved hacking wool into little bits and putting them in a blender with boiling water. While it won’t give me good Karma, it might be really soul satisfying.

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  1. KT

    Of COURSE it will give you good karma! You have freed the trapped and entangled yarn, you have opened all it’s wooly chakras to allow the now radiant and resplendant energy fibers to spring free! You have lifted it from a dark place into the light! It is renewal! It is rebirth! It is frogged!(BTW, where’dja find that pin cushion pattern? Sounds cool.)

  2. KT

    Oops, I forgot to add that I’m a Kathleen who has always been Katy (and occasionally Kate), but I use KT frequently, since 4 letters just take Sooooo long to write.Thanks for checking out my blog, too!