When I was a kid we would go to the grocery store and next door there was a drug store. My brother and I would each be given a quarter and set loose in the candy aisle of the drug store while the folks shopped next door. I loved the Jolly Rancher sticks. Remember those? They were about and inch wide and about six inches long. Not those small little candies they make now. You could peel the wrapper back and eat them like a lollipop or a popsicle. Or you could break off a piece about two inches long and put that in your mouth. Once it was good and soft, you could press it on the roof of your mouth and it would stay there for a very long time. I would pretend that it was a retainer, because I thought the cool kids all wore retainers (when I got one, I learned that they were not nearly as cool as sour apple candy pasted to the roof of your mouth).
I also loved the Watermelon Now and Later (eat some now, save some for later!). They were sweet and sour and really chewy. That describes perfectly the year that has just passed for me: sweet and sour and really chewy. Many happy times and many trying times, and certainly lots to think about.
New Year’s resolutions are for me, a cocktail for disaster. They soon turn into brickbats with which to berate myself. So, I am going to follow my own words which I often tell Angus: Show me, don’t tell me.

And in that spirit, we have the first two finished objects of 2006.
The Laura (pink) and the Niketa (charcoal).
Photographed with the flash to afford you an extra special visual experience.
Both are Lamb’s Pride Worsted and follow the same basic pattern as the Carla and the Miss Ali. Fun, easy and done! I do love the little I-cord loop at the top. Makes it easy to hang on a coat hook in the classroom.
Happy New Year.