Small Giggling Boys

December 28, 2005 by

Christmas was very low key- the boys and I were sick. The little one- Bronchitis, the big one, well- lots of um, congestion. Me, major head cold, ugh.
But Santa came, games were played, books read and a bit of knitting. I still feel like I am trying to pick myself up off the floor.
Getting things in order here. Time to take a critical look at the UFO’s and projects to make. The list is long and daunting. I may retool the way I work projects. So, here I am thinking not of resolutions but of shifting focus. Socks, more kid knitting and more knitting for myself. Just thinking.
Sorry for such a content free post- Frog & Tink have awakened me the past two mornings at 4am, with no return to sleep for me. And the boys are a bit stir crazy.
Christmas break is alot like snow days- the vision of familial togetherness and sweetness can be intoxicatingly lovely. Then the reality can be quite another thing all together.

2 Responses to Small Giggling Boys

  1. KT

    Great blog! Found you through Mason-Dixon and had to check you out since you make great comments and I like your initials!Darling boys. Nice knitting and super stories.And I vote for frogging the red/orange UFO and letting the yarn tell you what it wants to be now that it’s grown up.Happy creativity and mommy-ing (one and the same, yes?) in the Magic Sewing room and elsewhere in 2006.