What to do?

December 21, 2005 by

The time has come to decide what to do. This is my oldest living UFO. Alice Starmore’s Celtic Circles. And because the behemoth is red with 2 shades of orange it is almost impossible to get color accuracy. So just pay attention to the knitting, not the colors. Sunglasses might help.
I began this sweater 15 years ago. I have known this sweater almost twice as long as I have known my husband.
When I began this sweater so many things were different:
I was single.
I was just out on my own.
It was the Nineties.
It was the 20th Century.
I lived on the West Coast.
I had no children.
I had no stash.
They still made the yarn that I used in this sweater.
I had never knit a steek.
I had never knit in the round.
I had never done a 3 color ribbing.
I have knit about 10 inches up the armhole steeks. I do not have enough yarn to finish the body, let alone the arms. I do not even have a ball band for any of the yarns used but I think it is a pretty safe assumption that they are discontinued.
What could I turn this into? More important- what could I turn this into that when I look at it I wouldn’t see the unfinished sweater? A pillow? A kitty bed? A felted bag? Hey- maybe…
Or do I just knit the sleeves in a solid color that is complementary to the body? Or stripes? Or totally different colors? Ack! Would I actually wear it if I did finish it?
I have wanted to frog this off and on for years. I have wanted to finish it off and on for years. The one thing for certain is that I hate looking at it as it is. When I think of frogging it, I get a lump in my throat. I also imagine it could give me a great deal of pleasure to have this particular monkey off my back. Do unfinished projects interfere with knitting mojo? Might it be advantageous to frog the whole thing as we approach Christmas and the new year? Clearing the knitting slate? Rebirth?
ps: I have tried several times to upload pictures of the steeks, inside and amount of yarn left. Imagine if you will perfect steeks, impeccable innards and less than one whole ball of yarn for the 3 colors.

2 Responses to What to do?

  1. Jane

    In the interest of increased knitting energy and (therefore) good karma, I’d say frog it and get on with something else. I’ve been amazed to find how easy it has been for me to finish a new project after frogging one I was never quite satisfied with.This sweater’s time is past, and I think you’d be much happier using the yarn for other things. As to what, that’s for you to have fun thinking about as you’re frogging!Merry Christmas!

  2. Bev

    K.T. – The felted bag sounds good to me. I bet it would be way fun! You could find a complimentary color to line it with and be done! You could even give it away as a gift to someone who likes red and orange. You were doing a beautiful job on it by the way.