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Moving is a funny thing. We moved from Seattle 18 months ago with 2 small hollering boys (who, of course were smaller and more hollering back then), a large dog and several truckloads of stuff. There were all sorts of trials and tribulations. The hubbalicious moved out here a month before we did, the boys and I moved into an apartment for that month while we packed & sent our stuff away (including my car), got the house ready for sale and waited for the escrow on our new house to close.
Flew cross country and into a new life. Where is the grocery store? How do I find a doctor? Ick, I HATE this grocery store, I miss my old one. (Larry’s) Then have 8 kajillion play dates trying to have the boys make friends and trying to make a few myself.
You know, a new routine, a new weather pattern, new yarn stores, new well, everything. It has been wonderful, and hard, and frustrating and a challenge. Who do I want to be in this new place? Did I like who I was in the old place? Why do people smoke and talk on cell phones while pumping gas here? Why is everybody calling me ma’am, or Mrs.?
I was in the gas station today and the car in front of me had Louisiana plates. The man came back to his car (this was not the smoking, cell phone guy) and I said, “You sure are a long way from home.”
And he said:”Yes, I sure I am. The water chased me from my home. Now I am here. I was back in Louisiana yesterday and it is still horrible. The smell is still awful, shops close early cause there are not enough people to work all the shifts, and it is like a dream that I cannot wake up from, it is so bad. 12 feet of water sure does cause a lot of damage.”
He went on to tell me more of his frustrations for the people of the Gulf Coast, and I got tears in my eyes. All I could tell him was how sorry I was for him and his family and that so many people were so embarrassed and ashamed how the Gulf Coast was treated.
This man was still shellshocked but happy, positive and gracious. And everything he has is gone. No work, no job, no computer, no back up files. Nothing.
And I complain about being in a new place, of my own free will, that has every ammenity one could ever wish for. My family is safe, my home is a safe, warm, inhabitable place. My fridge is stocked and the present are wrapped.
I tell you, that man had more of the spirit of Christmas, love and forgiveness in his little pinky that I may ever see.
I think he may have been my Christmas gift, teaching me about gratitude, sacrifice and the spirit of the Holidays.
This is a gift I want to keep.

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  1. jennifer

    wow! it is random experiences like that which really make us step back and take note that life is a gift to be cherished for each moment we have, and as our blessings abound we need to be grateful for our circumstances. how wonderful that he touched your spirit with such treasure.

  2. Jane

    Thanks for your very kind comment about Thomas and his quilt. Happy cookie baking – that’s quite a collection of cutters!