Even the Penguins are Cold

December 14, 2005 by

Today was the boy’s Christmas/Peace/Winter party at school. It was really fun and sweet. I made penguin cookies for the Toddler room. Fitting because it is about 20 degrees here.
I have made another hat, The Mrs. Ali, and it leapt into the wrapping paper so fast I couldn’t even get a picture. But it is The Carla, done in Amethyst. Two down, two to go.
The tree is up, but not decorated. Cookie Dough is made for our Cookie Decorating Extravaganza this afternoon. Packages have been mailed, lots of firewood procured, groceries ordered and the house is decorated.
And I am looking forward to lighting a fire in the fireplace, picking up some knitting and hanging out with my family.
Oh yea- and for all these years of knitting, I have NEVER made a pair of socks. I think it is high time. I have the books, I have the needles and I just might need some sock yarn. Hmmm- more yarn.
Tomorrow, I will show you the tree.

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