I have this really big, crazy family. We all love each other very much; though sometimes we can’t figure out how exactly we are related to each other. Family reunions are a gas…we walk/run up to each other with a huge hug and kiss. The first words are out of our mouths are: “Hey, how are we related again?” And then we realize that it does not matter how, it just matters that we are related.
Then there is my fabulously crazy (in a great and inspiring way) Aunt Suzi. Okay really, she is a cousin 2 or 3 times removed (who actually knows?), but she feels more like an Aunt.
Here is a tid-bit about Suzi… about a billion years ago I was sitting in an airport about to fly home to see my crazy-big family. I wasn’t wearing a watch and was nervous about the time. I said to the lady in the airport lounge seat across from me: “Excuse me, do you know what time it is? ”
She answered with the time.
I said: “Thank you.”
Then I stared and stared.
The kind lady from the seat across from me noticed my staring.
It was then I said: “I am so sorry to stare but you look just like my Cousin/Aunt Suzi.”
Then we both started screaming and yelling.
Because, of course- it was Suzi.
The real point of this post is Suzi’s mother, Alice. Dear, sweet Auntie Alice. Always with a hug and a kiss and a very kind word. I adore Alice. She once sent me 2 dozen cookies in the mail. They were called “Blind Date Cookies”. They were a date wrapped in what tasted like Mexican wedding cookie dough. Unbelievably great. She had won a baking contest with them and when I told her how much I loved dates, well 2 weeks later I got the cookies in the mail.
I got the following email from Suzi this weekend:
Hi Again Cousin…
KT we are having a terrible time trying to find sweaters for my mother…with pockets.
Do you know of anyone that knits in this area? I tried knitting a scarf once and only got about 5 inches done before I perfected my cursing vocabulary…in several languages!
Anyhow, my mom wears a sweater everyday and has had the same ones for years, and they are totally falling apart. I found a wool one at Eddie Bower, but it has a cowel collar and is much to hot for her…she needs something to wear inside “The Home”. Please advise.
My response:
Ok, Suzi. Here is the deal. You cannot email me that I dear woman that I love needs a sweater and expect me to not demand to knit one for her. This beautiful woman who gave us YOU and sent me cookies in the mail.
Do I know any knitters? Why not just tell me my kids are ugly and stupid! Sheesh.
So, it will take a bit of cross country finagling but we can do this. There will be work for you and for me and your Mom will have a beautiful sweater to show for it.
This is what I need:
1. A picture of current favorite sweater(s)
2. Fiber content- read the label- Wool? Acrylic? Cotton? Copy contents of label (percentages too) and tell me
3. Cardigan? Probably a great choice if she gets easily hot/cold. Zipper or buttons? Or a tie closure?
4. How many pockets? Where? Do they need flap closures, no closures, snaps, Velcro?
5. Does it need to be machine washable and/or machine dryable?
6. Measurements.
a. Top of collar to bottom of sweater.
b. Arm length-cuff to shoulder seam
c. Bust- armpit to armpit
d. Shoulder seam to shoulder seam
e. If she wants a cardi, how deep of a neck?
7. Or if you are feeling really ambitious and have a big-ass piece of paper, put paper on the floor or table, place sweater on paper and trace the outline.
Then there are other concerns:
1. Color(s). What are her favorite colors?
2. Solid, stripes, fair aisle? Or can I wing it? How much does she care?
3. Cables or no cables? If she gets too warm then maybe not as they add warmth.
4. Type of collar? Probably something that adds flair but not too warm. I’m thinking a jewel neck.
Now, either email me or call me because I have got to get myself to the yarn store to make a sweater for a lady I love.
Xoxo- KT
Needless to say, the yarn is ordered and I will post the second half of the story tomorrow…
Sounds a lot like a Future Search , no?