Twenty Things I am Thankful for:
(in somewhat random order)
1. My husband, children and my parents.
2. That there is food for all of my family.
3. Being a Stay at Home Mom.
4. Having a home to Stay Home in.
5. I am not cold.
6. I am not hungry (see #2).
7. I have love in my life.
8. Freedom of Thought.
9. Freedom of Speech.
10. My animals. Or rather, being my animals’ human.
11. Reading.
12. Painting.
13. Making things. Food, sewing, knitting.
14. Life long friends.
15. Barbara & Suzi.
16. Humour
17. Seeing the beauty in everyday life.
18. Sharpies.
19. Glue Stick.
20. Being American.
Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. Happy lovely late-autumn Thursday to everybody else.