Forever in Blue Jeans

November 22, 2005 by

Okay, okay, it has looked for a while that quilting has taken over LWIM. I admit that sewing fabric instead of making fabric has been very seductive of late. Sometimes when I am knitting (making fabric) I feel like I need to be doing more. Weird, huh? When I am making quilts, I feel like I am doing something. There are many different motions, using the sewing machine: press, pin, feed, sew and it feels more action packed, more involved somehow.
And yet my fingers and heart miss knitting. So, for those of you who thought you were never going to see knitting on LWIM again, Fear Not!
A few days ago I found a really old UFO. From 1996 I think. The Billy Boy Waist Coat from Rowan # 15 in Denim. It is a really easy slip stitch pattern and is nearly finished. Now here is the rub: I have finished the back, one front side and half of another. The half finished front is off the needles, for real- for some reason I took it off the needles and did not make a note what size needles I knit this on. No big deal, you say? Well for years I knit so tight that I went up a few sizes. I cannot for the life of me remember if I knit this to gauge or on a bigger needle. I searched for the needles I used- they were stained by the indigo- and I couldn’t find them I will have to count and re-swatch. I am thinking that I might make it into a cardigan. I will have to design sleeves. More swatching.
But as a precaution I went to Richesse and bought more Nashville. So it might be the frogpond and I could get 2 small hollering boy sweaters out of it. The UFO has never been washed so it should match the new stuff. Not in dye-lot but in fadedness. Any thoughts?
And I just looked closely at the picture (which you cannot see because blogger is being a bugger). Please ignore the knots and mid-row tie-offs. I have grown as a knitter- I swear. This may have sealed Billy Boy’s destiny to the frogpond. I will forever know that there are knots. Once you see them, you cannot un-see them. And the same for the seaming. It is horrid. I could reseam or be rational (snort) and frog.
Here ISN’T a picture of my Perfect Sweater Yarn. Cascade 220 in CafĂ© 2411. (I tried to upload twice) Mom and I spent way too long last weekend trying to figure out exactly what color it is. Mom says chestnut and I think it might be a chicory. Reminds me of those nail polish colors that aren’t quite brown and are not red. I do love the color and I am very curious about what it will look like knit up. I love the ability to buy yarn sight unseen, or at least sight- not-so-sure on the internet. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. It is yarn, so it is all good. It is YARN, right?
As soon as I can get blogger to cooperate I will upload pictures.
Knit on!

2 Responses to Forever in Blue Jeans

  1. Charlene Sax

    hmmmmm! It all sounds so interesting! I keep forgetting to ask you what LWIM means……….UFO? Can’t believe you knit so fast…..lots of love. Mom

  2. Emily

    What DOES “LWIM” mean? I hear Cascade 220 is Quite Nice to knit with. And your cakes are wonderful! Not that I am the least bit surprised: “Good at Making Things” extends into every facit of life.