My Dear Little Man:

November 17, 2005 by

My Dear Little Man:
I love that you still call me Mom-Mom. I love that you can tell the most loved Mr Lion from the others, just by feeling the tails. I love that you take such pride and joy in hopping on one foot. And that you learned to skip, though in my mind I always wanted to be the one who taught you. Mainly I love that you know how to skip. I love that you cried when you had to go back to school a few weeks ago, after being sick, because you said: “I just want to be with you in your Magic Sewing Room”.
I love that you love to wind skeins of wool into balls and beg me to make you a quilt.
I love that you are becoming a kind, caring little boy. I love what a great big brother you are.
Your imagination and also your ability with logic are wonderful.
Being your Mom-Mom is the best. I love you bigger than the sky.
Happy 5th Birthday.
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