Ain’t no place I’d rather be

November 15, 2005 by

Sorry for no blog yesterday after I said I would! Things here are at a more break neck speed than normal. This week is insanely crazy.
Here is a sampling of the week:
1. Birthday for a 5 year old and ALL that entails.
2. A houseguest. Who is awesome and pulls his own weight. Cleans up and even dressed Duncan for school today. Great to have him here and another person in the house just kicks it up a notch.
3. Mom arrives today. Another bonus. And having Gamma here excites the boys another notch. In a good way. Its just another notch.
4. Vomiting cats. A trip to the vet needs to happen.
5. Dog has mystery scab and bump. Another trip to the vet needs to happen. I am NOT taking 2 cats and a ninety pound dog to the vet at the same time.
6. Fall Feast on Friday at school. I was told yesterday that Angus needs to wear, (read I have to make) an Indian costume. Do NOT get me started.
7. I am volunteering (?) to help in Duncan’s class for the Fall Festival.
8. Need to make and decorate cookies for Angus’ class for his birthday on Thursday.
9. Need to make and decorate cookies and FED EX them for someone else’s birthday.
10. Need to scrub and clean house, yard, children, myself.
So here is a picture of part of the quilt top that will be come a quilt called Tennessee. Not great light today, but we won’t let that stop us. Maybe I should have called it Kentucky with the horses but Tennessee is what came to mind. Tennessee Walking Horses probably is the thought that flitted across my brain.
Also, I just got email that my yarn for the Perfect Sweater shipped from The Fiber Gallery ! Yippee! Of course it is Cascade 220 and I chose color 2411, CafĂ©. I received excellent customer service from The Fiber Gallery. They special ordered the color for me, extended The Perfect Sweater price for the whole bag (I told them that they didn’t have to and they did anyway!) and were super nice and very communicative! They get my vote for a great shop. If we still lived in Seattle they would be my LYS!

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