Cherry Blossom

November 13, 2005 by

Again, a week in blogland has slipped by. But they have not really slipped by at Chez LWIM. I have been sewing my behind off. I have four 4! four! quilt tops ready to get borders, bindings and be quilted. Why this frenzy of quilting you ask? The ever generous Rachel put out a call for warm things for her neighborhood/town that has many people living in tents or half a house thanks to Katrina. And, get this, she has offered to deliver them from door to door, or tent to tent, or shelter to shelter. You get the idea- let’s get these people warm!
So I have a friend/neighbor/touchstone who is starting her longarm quilting business and she wants to get better at using her new longarm. (I promise to give you the full 411 when she has a website, and say a prayer…a b-l-o-g.) So, I also really want to learn to quilt and become better at sewing. A plot was hatched. We would put our heads together and some of our fabrics together and make quilts for people who had felt Katrina’s wrath. But where to donate them? Then Rachel put out her plea and we snapped to attention.
See how ingenious it is, I get to learn quilting/sewing technique from a master (though she would, in her ever so humble way argue that she is not a master. Pshaw!), she gets practice on her new machine and we get to keep people warm. Perfect.
Last week we had a meeting of the minds and figured out which fabrics went together and bundled them accordingly. Each bundle becomes a quilt. Then we figured out the mechanics. We realize there is a time factor, so intricate piece work was really out of the question. Also, we wanted a simple pattern that we could replicate in all sorts of fabric. So we decided on the nine patch using 9.5″ squares to finish at 9″. With squares this size, things go really quickly which is just great! Seriously, I cut the fabric Thursday and sewed it, row by row (not in patches) yesterday and finished it today!
So, this week I hope to show you a new quilt each day.
This one, Cherry Blossom, is just crazy. (In the photo all the colors, especially the greens are very washed out.) I mean I love bright colors and wear them often. Acid green? Adore it, wear it. Orange, ditto. Fuschia, you bet! This bad-boy is LOUD! And for me to say that is very rare. I alternately love it and can’t quite get my brain around it. And it is huge-81″x81″.
Tomorrow I will show you a slightly smaller quilt called Tennesee.
Oh and someone is turning 5 on Thursday. Very exciting and very heart-filling. Five!
Tomorrow we are going to Tennesee!

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