Working it out

October 9, 2005 by

I having been on a bit if a fabric binge, ahem, as I showed you a small portion of last week.(Cia’s Pallette and Hankcock’s of Paducah arrive tomorrow) I hadn’t a pattern in mind when I bought that fabric from here, so I began thumbing through some newly acquired, ahem, quilt books.
I picked a the Crosses Quilt from Quilt Road but I didn’t like the randomness of the color placement. I also wasn’t too fond of some of the fabrics for this quilt and I wanted some sort of color repeat. So I set out to chart a new color pattern, with the fabrics I had on hand. I tried to hand draw a giant graph as to better chart it out. Wrong. Between small hollering boys who wanted to use my crayons and a muttering at the computer husband and the garbage eating dog it was not happening.
Then my knitting, quilting and generally crafty friends- I found it!(Cue ephiphany music…) Praise God and pass the collection plate! I found this site.
Free, completely customizable GRAPH PAPER. Like twelve types, hex, trapeziod, regular. You can choose line weight and color and and and , oh it just gets me so excited. I know. It is graph paper. But come on folks, how cool is it that you can specify the size of the square, etc and in 2 seconds it is there for you. And it is free and you don’t have to register and ooh the tumbling blocks graph paper makes me happy.
So, the muttering husband took the hollering boys out and I ignored Earl, the garbage eating dog long enough to rechart the pattern, which you see above. Wonky, yes. Effective, very. I already have all the squares cut, and I just need to pick a binding, backing and border. But tonight I am going to start sewing the squares after the boys are off to bed.

2 Responses to Working it out

  1. Kay

    OK, that graph paper site is mind-blowing. News I can use. Must go put it in the snippets. Thanks so much for sharing. xo Kay

  2. Charlene Sax

    Love the colors of that quilt…..the orange is outstanding and the pattern is really neat. What size will it be? Love, Mom