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While away this summer I did some stash enhancement. It was the willy nilly kind, no pattern in mind kind. The candy store version that I feel pretty fortunate to do every once in a while. It was a frenzy, who the hell am I kidding? It was wonderful and embarrassing and I felt like I needed a Zantac afterward. I mean, really. I need more yarn without a purpose in mind like I need a hole in the head.
So I had been hearing for a long time about the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino-Super Bulky-Extra Crunchy-Now with More!- Yarn. I resisted. I wasn’t willing to spring for a yarn with “Cash” in the name with a mere 12% “Cash”. I wanted more “Cash” (and who doesn’t?) Especially with the yardage/price ratio. Long story short- I caved and bought 5 balls of it. In a Winter white color. I mean if we are going on a bit of a frenzy, there should be no practicality involved right? Right.
Then next step was what to make? If I were truly impractical I would have made a garment for one of the small hollering boys. Or a pair of underwear for the dog. I cast on for a scarf- totally ignoring gauge and got about 3 inches into it and it looked like crud. Riiiiiiiip. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. With all the craziness of this household (it gets less crazy a week from Tuesday! Yippee!) knitting, never mind completing a complex project is out of the question right now. So I broke out my Harmony Stitch Guides and just thumbed through. I wanted fun, easy and something that would lie flat. I picked a simple but interesting knit and purl pattern and cast on for a single repeat. Pattern 1.14 in Book Volume 4 on Size 11 Denises. The yarn says for gauge to use an 11.5 but we are not being practical remember?
So I am getting 4 repeats to one ball so I think that it will be a decent length and quick quick quick. And orderly. And I do like the wavy edges. I can only take so much order. I don’t think I will block it, we will see when we get there. I will take this order and simplicity anywhere I can get it, ’cause I am not getting that from the small hollering boys.
Oh and say a little knitter’s wish for me, in about 10 minutes I have to break a promise to myself that I am not looking forward to. There is a place I said I would never ever go and now I must or I break my child’s heart and the heart of his new friend. I have to take Angus to a party at Chuck E. Cheese.

2 Responses to Order

  1. Kay

    That scarf is brilliant. I’m stealing it. Off to search the Harmony guide. I have a chunk of cash/silk that would be just perfect in that pattern.

  2. Charlene Sax

    How was the party at Chuck E. Cheese??? I agree, I think the scarf is quite lovely – such an interesting pattern……I really like it. xoxoxoMom