Mom-Mom, what are you doing?

September 28, 2005 by

I was asked this as I was standing outside in the pre-dawn morning. It was cold! Yippee! Cold!!!
I was so enthralled with the chill and the moon that Angus had to ask again. I came out of my trance and told him that I was taking a picture of the sky for Sandy.
Fall is coming people. And you should enlarge the above picture, the moon is really beautiful.

4 Responses to Mom-Mom, what are you doing?

  1. emily

    I am very excited about fall, too! The high was only 87 today. That’s almost chilly. PS Tink and Betty could be cousins. I love baby kitties.

  2. Sandy

    Oh, yes, that picture is worth standing in the cold. I especially love the contrast of light against the dark of the trees. Makes me say “AHHHHH”. Brings peace just to look at it. I can almost feel the nip of the cold. Oh, wait. That is MY cold weather here making my hands cold! haha! Thanks for sharing! Sandy

  3. Charlene Sax

    Georgous photograph – you can see the moon if you enlarge it……..95 here today. Way to hot but I always forget some of our hottest weather occurs in Sept and Oct. I am dying to wear sweaters!! Love, Mom