Geeking out

September 25, 2005 by

I was out a few weeks ago with a friend of ours. We have known him about 5 years and somehow he didn’t know I knit. Either it had never come up or he forgot. So we were chatting and he asked about my day, and I had a couple of hours to knit that day. So I said something like : “Oh, it probably woudn’t interest you, I got to knit today.” Well, he did want to hear about it and kept asking me about all the other things I do: sewing, quilting, machine knitting, felting, painting, sculpture. And apparently I was on a tear because he looked at me and said, in the nicest and most complimentary way: “You are a G-E-E-K. Man I had no idea what a huge geek you were.” If he only knew….
As I have confessed before- I never used to make swatches. Then I would make them and not redo them until I got gauge. Then I wouldn’t follow the rule: Do to the swatch what you are going to do to the sweater. Which I now do. And somewhere in the great swatch making odyssey it occured to me that I should make a note of all this. And I did, but there was always something that slowed the whole process down, what is the suggested gauge the manufacturer suggests? Which were the exact needles I used? What was the gauge before and after blocking? And one of the most important items: how many yards of this do I have in my stash? I cannot tell you the number of times that I have gone to the stash, pulled out the same yarn over and over and over, counted the number of skeins and done the math to figure out the total yardage. Total time waster. And frustrating.
So now I am getting geekier. And maybe it will save me a few miniutes and save me from having me to clean up the mess that stash diving creates. I just need a filing system for the swatch/index card geeekiness.
And Emily called me on the seven swatches of yesterday’s post. It was four, not seven. You got me.

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  1. Charlene Sax

    I do need to know more about the gauge system after my last mess with having to rip out sleeves…..but, counting # of skeins, do the math to figure out total yardage?????? Oh, Oh, sounds like lots of work to me but I think it is time for me to do it! xoxoxo Mom