Wow! I had no idea how little I could get accomplished with one child in the house and one at school. Again, I was deluded that I could get anything done with just Duncan home. October 11 people! That is the magic day he starts school. Wanting so much to begin a new project and I cannot even get enough time alone to pick one let alone swatch. So I start a swatch, get interrupted, forget that I started swatch and then dig through the stash and start another. I have 7 started swatches this week. Yikes!
Here is one of my all time favorite sweaters. It is probably 12 years old, made out of La Gran Mohair. I have no recollection of the pattern. Love it. And this is another sweater that wears like iron. The seams on one side have finally worn out and I will need to reseam. But 12 years for seams? Pretty darned good I’d say.

Tomorrow, Hubbalicious has the boys (to add to the fried Mommy brain, he has been travelling all week) so I will get to actually knit and actually blog and actually get to take a shower that doesn’t involve small hollering boys and rescue helicopters.