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Now over here at Chez LWIM, we talk a lot about fibbing. Why fibbing is wrong. How fibbing hurts people’s feelings. How if you fib people will not want to be your friend. How fibbing is not nice and does not build character or rather, builds the type of character you don’t want. You get the gist.
Well, when I chose which size of the green sweater to make, I told a whopper. So, without slogging myself back through the humiliation of it all, let it suffice to say, I fibbed about which size I should make. Put it this way, my very petite and svelte mom tried this sweater on this past weekend and it barely fit her. I am a good 4 inches taller than she is and well, not svelte (currently).
I used to have the figure for fantastic clothes, but not the budget. Now it is the other way around, budget but not the body. But I digress.
So, I was at a crossroads. Do I throw it in a heap and say: “Out Out Damned Sweater!”? Or do I gift it to a smaller person? Well, I am very happy to report that I took the high road. I unsewed the side seams and the underarm seams (but left the shoulder seams- I did not want to rip the neckband back)and gave her a nice tepid bath…

Doesn’t she look like a gigantic greenish lobster? So after her bath, I got all the water out of her that I possibly could by putting about 3 towels on the floor, sweater on the towels and slowly, gently wrapped her and squeezed gently to get most of it out. Then I pinned the ever lovin’ snot out of her. Seriously folks, that is a king sized bed and I pinned every half inch. I calculate I used 300 pins, not including the ones that bent or broke.

And then she had a good night sleep and when she awoke, she was several sizes larger! So I seamed her back up…And she fits! And the button holes are blocked open and the button bands lie flat and she fits!

I am really pleased that I took the high road. Very happy to see that effort does really pay off. The longer I knit and sew, the more I find myself willing to do it the correct way. I have never wet-blocked before and it was a gas. I loved it and love that I took the time to do it. I had already steam blocked (and pinned) her but it wasn’t enough. The wet-blocking was the way to go as I wanted her to grow, grow, grow. And yes, I have learned that fibbing to oneself isn’t a wise choice either.

These are the greatest bags ever. The LA-bor-A-tory, or as Angus says:”Mom-Mom’s Magic Knitting Room” used to be Angus’ room. No, I did not manupulate the children into thinking that sharing a room would be fun, JUST to get a LA-bor-A-tory. I resemble that statement. So the LA-bor-A-tory has a nice sized closet with a couple of rods in it. Yarn goes in enormous ziplock bag, bag seals up, place hanger through bag handle and place on rod. Instant hanging stash!
Oh and if you happen to shop at the Harris Teeter in Reston, don’t bother looking for the bags. They are all in the above photo.

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  1. Charlene Sax

    I am so thrilled with the story of the sweater – what an amazing feat and what a beautiful sweater it turned into! Well done!! Love, Mom