Dear Kay-
In the comments on your blog today I said something about Euroflax and was promptly sent to the corner, which I predicted would happen. Though, I do confess, I thought I would be sent there by Ann, not you.
Oh, how I have learned the error of my ways. I have it on good authority that you are a complete hardass and I should be grateful that I did not get flogged with a broom.
I must state that the first time I met Euroflax was while doing my homework this weekend. I felt the skein. I had never knitted with it. Please forgive me, but it felt like toothpicks stranded together.
So, upon receiving your passionate and heart felt dope slap, I went off to my LYS. Such is my depth of conviction in your passion, I took a toddler with me. Upon arriving at my LYS, I explained to the very nice lady working there that I had blasphemed Euroflax. I thought she was going to have a stroke right there. “No!”, she said “It is fabulous and all you have to do is throw it in the washer and it is perfect- here feel this, we have a knitted and washed swatch!”
I felt the swatch, the toddler felt the swatch. We both loved the swatch. Doodle carried the two skeins of the Euroflax to the counter and handed them to the nice lady, while saying “Yarn, Yarn!” (Gotta train ‘em young to be Yarn Loving Fine Young Men.) They had very few colors, and sadly none in Denim-ish style. We purchased the eggplant colorway which was as close as I could come get to your beloved.
I faithfully came home, wound it into a center pull ball and cast on for the buttonhole band that you commanded me to make. And now I see the cunning in your plan. What good is a buttonhole band without a garment to attach it to? You are pure, beautiful, evil genius.
So, Dear Kay, I have now seen that I have done WRONG. I have said my Hail Kay’s and I will knit a garment out of this lovely fiber. And I promise to take a flax supplement every day for the rest of my life.
ps: Ann, can I re-comment for my least favorite yarn? I promise to say something really, really nice about it. Something so passionate and lusty that I might redeem myself for my impure thoughts about Euroflax. My desire to get sent to the corner again is waning by the moment, I promise.