Here we have the progress on the Nothing Rhymes with Orange scarf. This thing is a yarn black hole. This is two balls of the alpaca. On size 10s. So, I got to thinking that it needed to be frogged. I figured that it would be gargantuan and hot. Then I had pangs of guilt. What I wanted was to stop working on it. The thought of making Nothing Rhymes into a long scarf has been coma inducing. I felt bad, like I made some really big bad mistake. Completely whacko.
The light went on and I remembered that this is yarn, not stone. It is not permanent, it is fluid and changeable and this is key: an experiment. And perhaps most important- my experiment.
I really do like this yarn, the pattern and the color. An idea struck… Nothing Rhymes is going to become a neck warmer, still with some fun, as yet unselected, fringe. In order to make sure the idea was going to work, Nothing Rhymes needed to be tried on. And like a cop hiding out with a radar gun, there was hubbalicious with the camera. Okay actually, I asked him to take the picture. Thank you sweetie, it was great to see you laugh so hard.
Have you done your Perfect Yarn Homework yet?