Oh September How I Love Thee

September 7, 2005 by

This has been a long, hot, disgustingly sticky summer around these parts. Did the knitting cease? Nope. I love air conditioning. When we lived in the Pacific Northwest we even had it there. So you can imagine living in Virginia I have become even more fanatical about it.
So the knitting didn’t cease but any sort of organizational ability or will I had went out the window. Plus I made the Brilliant Decision. The one where I thought that because both boys were starting 5 day a week school in the Fall that I would not put them in summer camp. Keep them with me. Have a Mom-Mom and sons summer of love. Arts, Crafts, adventures. Okay, I was delusional. I think the Brilliant Decision is something you decide ONCE and then never again. So, even if the organizational ability or will hadn’t left me, and I did make attempts to get it together, the Brilliant Decision would have bitten me in the backside. I tested it out a few times. I cleaned out the boys closet. They saw me in the closet- no really I wasn’t hiding- and then they would proceed to take every clothing item off the hangers. They did this four times this summer. Yea, Brilliant Decision.
Yesterday was the first day of school for Angus. Can you hear the gospel choir in the back ground shouting out the Hallelujahs? I sure can. And the humidity seems to have hit the road. And now I have some time to actually do some things. Not as much as I would like because Doodle doesn’t start school until October 11th. Still, I feel like I have hit the Trifecta.
So above you see one of my 18 kajillion to do lists. Maybe the first item should say Find Brain. It is September and I trust my brain will return soon, I will get more and more done and soon, the best news of all- it will be sweater weather.

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