Here is the beginning of my latest WIP. I began yesterday and wasn’t sure I was feeling the love with this yarn or my pattern idea. Were the cables plump enough? Was the yarn going to cooperate? Was the way I am working this idea out going to give me what I wanted?
Looking at it this morning, I really like it. This would make a great on the go project. And the way I am knitting it is a bit different, so that is fun.
I cast on 100 stitches, so each side would be 50 sts wide. Then I marked off the center 10 stitches in the middle of each side. I joined it to knit it in the round. I knit two rows and then did the first cable- in a purl st. Take the first five sts off the needle, hold them in front, purl the second set of 5 sts, then purl the second. Worked my way around to the second cable and held them in back, purled away we go.
I wanted to do this in the round because I want this to be a long scarf and did not want to have to seam the whole thing. I mean I like really long scarves. I am the better part of six feet tall and I like lots of wrapping and draping. So instead of purling the entire thing and knitting the cables, I am doing the opposite. So I have the wrong side facing me at all times. Fun, and a little different.
When I am done I will seam the two ends and figure out some fun fringe or edging. I am thinking corkscrew fringe. We will see where my heart ends up.
Stefanie’s stitch markers are great to work with. I have never used fancy ones like these and I like looking down at my knitting and seeing the cables wear their little rose quartz earrings.
Also I am using my new Denise needles. The other day I was saying how pointy they were, right? The pointy factor is perfect for this Baby Alpaca Brush. When I began knitting I knit so so so tightly that if a pattern called for a size 5 I could use a size 9 and get gauge. Over the years, I have relaxed in my knitting and now knit to gauge on the suggested needle size. Not so with this yarn. They say that US9 will give me 3.5 sts per inch. I got 4 and a smidge per inch. Odd, but alright, I went up a size and am getting 3.5 to 3.75 per inch. I thought it would look sloppy and loose given what my swatch on the 9′s was like. Nope, it is lovely. The yarn really opened up and has a much better look and feel to it.
I am not sure how long this scarf will be but I have 19 more balls of this stuff and the photo above is one ball and is 5 inches tall. Maybe, just maybe it will be long enough.