I made this Amazing Expando Sweater when I was pregnant with Angus in 2000. I am not a novelty yarn kinda gal. Maybe that is why this was so much fun and easy to make. Maybe in my heart I am a novelty yarn kinda gal? Nah- I think it was just a fling. A really fun fling that I still have fond feelings for. I love this sweater. It was great fun to make and easy. Knit in the round in 3×3 rib to the armholes and then split, and well you know the rest. The best part about this sweater is that it pulls double duty. I wore this as a Maternity Sweater and then when Angus was actually here, I could wear it as a regular sweater. And it looked NOT like a Maternity sweater. And I guess I am getting excited for cooler weather if I am writing about it as it is a very warm sweater.

I think I will just keep hauling out the stuff I have made and show them one at a time then, I will make a gallery of them. It is fun as I get to see what I liked and didn’t. Useful right now since I am between projects and feel that awful, oh I must pick the RIGHT project feel.
Hmm? What shall it be? I just did a swatch of Plymouth Yarns Baby Brush Alpaca in a great orange. I thought I would make a nice cabley cardigan- the right size this time of course. But when I was making the swatch, I got the distinct feeling that this yarn did not want to be a big autumn sweater. And I think I would look like a giant orange cabled cotton ball. So, my usual MO when not knowing what to make is that I make a scarf. So I think I will make a circular scarf with a nice fat cable on each side. And looooooooong. Plus I will get to use these:

Stefanie sent me the sweetest package, a portion of which you see here. Look at these awesome stitch markers! Thank you Thank you Thank you. They are lovely. And beautifully made. And I love the magnets. The markers are resting comfortably on the new orange swatch. Hmm. A good match I think.
The whole little assemblage is atop my brand new Denise knitting needles. I had heard about them for years but never seen them in any of the LYS I have had. So when I saw them, I snatched them up. They are taking a little getting used to, but I like them. Man, they are pointy! They might not be my everyday needle, but for travel and portability, I think they will fit in just fine.