Here is a detail of an almost finished WIP. It is the Modern Family cardigan from Knitting Today’s Classics ISBN#:1-887374-36-1 From the Studios of Classic Elite/Kristin Nicholas.
I am in a cardigan kind of mood. I love ‘em. I wear cardigans with everything from pyjamas to cute little skirts. I bought the yarn, Pastaza, from kaleidoscope yarns and I love it and they were wonderful to do business with. The yarn knit up beautifully. I love the definition of the cables and the twists. There were two adjustments I made to the original pattern by Linda Pratt. She called for Le Gran Mohair and in the pattern she called for a twist 5. I wasn’t crazy about how the TW5 looked so I did a 5 st repeat that was a TW2 P1 TW2.

If I do say so myself, this is some pretty spiffy mattress stitch. I don’t know that it is Ann & Kay worthy, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So, all I’m saying is that I can get my way around a pattern. Or so I thought. Usually I am a sew the button band on kind of gal, but this time I did the pick up and knit. Ufff. Pffft. Yuck. We have serious floppage. Now this is an unblocked button band so I will attempt to flatten. I do not think it will work with my trusty iron. I am seriously considering unsewing the entire shooting match and giving it a nice soak and repinning the whole thing. Note to self: do not fib about current body size- your sweater will be a bit snug. Erff.
I will keep you posted. I loved knitting this sweater and finally taught my self how to cable without a cable needle thanks to this very generous gal.
I think this may be a loser, but I will try my hardest to make it a winner.