I made this sweater for Craig years ago. For our second Christmas together. It is Tyrone from Rowan Number 22. I made it out of some acrylic. Encore? I think. The drape really is lovely and the hand is awesome. Craig is very susceptible to Itchy Sweater Syndrome and I wanted to make sure that he would wear it. I used the yarn doubled. And it is wall to wall cables. This sweater weighs, no joke, about 12 pounds. And I shortened it by about 5 inches. I’ll bet those five inches would have added about 4 more pounds! I knew the color was a favorite of Craig’s though at the time I wasn’t so sure. Actually I disliked it. A lot. But I knew he would love it. And he did. And does. And the color has grown on me.
The problem is that I married a polar bear. Growing up in the horrid, cold, death trap that is Thunder Bay, Ontario the man can go out in literally freezing temperatures in a tee shirt and jeans. He has worn the sweater four times in six years. I do not fault him for this. The first time was when I gave it to him. Bonus points for showing enthusiasm! The second time was about a week later when I made him haul all 12,000 pounds of the sweater to my parent’s for Christmas. In Malibu. It was 70 degrees, inside the house. He wore that sweater the whole morning. Triple bonus points! When I noticed he was a little warm (the big indicator was that he was turning violet and sweating profusely) I told him it was okay to take it off. I do not think that I have ever seen the man more grateful. The third time was when I was pregnant with Angus and Craig walked the dog at about 5am. It was winter in Seattle and was a little icy and cold and damp. Still, I had to persuade him to wear it, and he did. This is how it got its name: “The Dog Walking Sweater”. The only time he can wear it reasonably comfortably is in the pre-dawn really chilly times. Like when the dog HAS to go at five in the morning. The last time he wore it was this winter. It was about 22 outside and he put it on to play in the snow with the boys. Bless him, he even wore the toque that I asked him to wear.
He won’t let me frog it. I have offered. He refuses. He loves it, he just doesn’t love to wear it. And I used to take it personally, but I do not anymore. I take those four times he has worn it as a love letter. A statement that I am his and he is mine and we have the beautiful, enormously heavy sweater to prove it. That’s I think a large part of what love is. Doing what makes the other person happy, makes you happy.
And now I would never dream of frogging it. Everytime I see it now, I remember how much he loves me.
Happy Anniversary Baby! Seven of the greatest years of my life.