I’m here! I’m here! Okay, I am a little late to the party and I am finally here. Traffic? Small hollering boys? A clothing fit? Pick any of the following reasons, they all tried to keep me away- nonetheless I have finally arrived to the knit-blogging party. And boy am I happy to be here. Mmm, why yes- I will have one of those, thank you. Delicious. May I have another? Thank you.
I have been knitting since I was well, er, younger. It all blurs in memory- was I eight, was I fourteen? Doesn’t matter- it has been a long time. I wore that horrid purple tweed curling (stockinette stitch) scarf for ever. I got really serious when all those fantastically fabulous ladies at Straw into Gold took me under their wings and explained to me many, many things. Gauge in particular was a very humbling lesson. I was all of 21(?) And I was making a cotton bolero from a VK Summer in the late eighties. The one with the drops at the cast-on edge. The one that after 2 babies in 29 months I would rather eat glass than wear. I had knit about half a sleeve- soon after this I learned the 2 sleeves at once trick- and with great pride I showed my half sleeve to a woman who was an expert knitter. She asked very gently (she was a kindergarten teacher) if I had checked my gauge? Gauge? Huh? What? The answer would be “No” as I had not a clue as to what gauge/tension was. Now, as much as I kvetch about it I always make a swatch. Sometimes several until I get it right. Sometimes when I do not know what to knit, I just make swatches from my stash and use those little cardboard tags (like the ones at garage sales) to note the yarn, needle size and gauge, etc. then I save them for when it is time to make a garment. Handy, very handy.
I have knit many things that I love some that I don’t (wear). Several have found new homes. I have made blankets, hats, sweaters, scarves, bags. No mittens or socks yet. I have a UFO that I have known longer than my husband and we are about to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. Actually, I started the sweater (Alice Starmore Celtic Circles- in Red and 2 shades of orange) 6 years before I married him! That is a 13 year old UFO. Crikey! I am ¾ of the way up the armhole steeks, so I am not going to quit now!
So here are my latest FOs. I wanted to start this blog before I started this really fun project but felt like I needed to present my invitation at the door, if you know what I mean. So I made 2 Weekend Getaway Satchels from IK Fall 2005. Two? Yes, two. One for me and one for my best girlfriend from college. Here are pictures of the fronts of both. Hers is first, with the blues and purples and mine is the one in the hotter colors. Hers is done, gifted and will hopefully be seen around town very soon. All I have to do for mine. is wait for it to dry, cut it to size, sew in the double lining, do the hex closure and the straps and I am finito! I will do a debrief for the bags tomorrow. I will say, it was a really fun project and I learned a bunch. Feeling kind of invincible. Like the first time I took both boys to Costco by myself. Yea, baby- I can do anything!